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This posture corrector can help straighten your spine and reduce back pain. Start feeling much better today!

Easy to use
It’s so easy to use and so effective that you’ll wish you had discovered it sooner.
Straighten your back
Reduce the curvature of your spine by straightening your back.
Quality of life
Enjoy a much healthier life.

About Sittamax

Enjoy a much healthier lifestyle with this ideal posture corrector for both children, men and women alike.
  • It helps to reduce any risk of injury as it vibrates when your spine has deviated from the correct posture.
  • Sittamax is made with silicone and is lightweight and comfortable. It also has a Type-C USB cable to charge its battery.
  • Improve your physical appearance and increase your self-confidence.
And that’s not all!

Main advantages:

Improves posture
Relieves back pain and corrects your posture
Keep a straight back
The sensor knows if you’re leaning and vibrates to alert you to the correct posture.
Relieves pain
Help relieve back pain caused by poor posture or injury.
Perfect for kids
It is recommended by experts for children to prevent future back pain and for adults to correct posture.
Invisible under clothing
It can be worn underneath your clothes. It is unnoticeable and very comfortable to wear throughout the whole day.
Perfect gift
The perfect gift for family and friends!


How do you know which size to buy?
It is one size fits all and can be adapted perfectly to fit both children and adults.
Does it need batteries?
No, it charges via a Type-C USB cable.
Is it comfortable to wear?
It is very comfortable, you will hardly notice that you’re wearing it.
Are there any offers available?
Yes, there is a launching promotion of 50% off.
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